alibaba or aliexpress

AliBaba or AliExpress? Which one Should I Use?

Our posts and view today will definitely give us timely and solid points on which one is preferable for dropshippping, outlining the strength and weaknesses of both sides. Alibaba or Aliexpress which one?

alibaba or aliexpress

Whenever giant online markets are being mentioned in the world, without doubt and void arguments, Alibaba and AliExpress are inevitably inclusive!

The world’s largest and leading online market which operates in both B2B and B2C (business to business / business to customers) form of service.

Despite the fact that both companies are owned by the same Alibaba Group, there has been series of controversies and debates on which platform is best for dropshipping.

ALIBABA: Can I dropship with it? [ALIBABA OR ALIEXPRESS]

Alibaba is online wholesale and top world largest B2B market platform which was launched a decade ago. It is simply a network of Chinese wholesaleser, manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Alibaba serves as the platform which links up manufacturers and other business owners to commune in business, hence the reason why it is called B2B (Business to Business).

The most exciting factor which makes Alibaba so popular is that all goods sold/obtained from thence are very cheap and affordable, that’s why one can purchase from them in wholesale prices, quality and affordable goods.

Alibaba owned by the Alibaba Group has three eCommerce platforms as subsidiaries, these are:; this one is rendered in English and easy for almost everyone to understand, while the other two: and, these ones are rendered in Chinese languages and may not be suitable for everyone except you understand chineese.

There are tons of products listed on these websites with vast categories ranging from: fabrics and fashion wears, electronics and home appliances, fitness and health equipments etc.

How does ALIBABA Operates?


Alibaba operates it’s service in B2B system, this implies that they sell most of their products in wholesale/bulk. It is of great importance to note that, Alibaba does not own or have an inventory of goods sold, unlike Amazon which has an inventory of all it products, instead what Alibaba does is that, it unites or links manufacturers, vendors or wholesalers with other wholesalers or retailers or vendors too, so the reason for this word: Business to Business.

So how does Alibaba makes it money? They make their money, from the commissions and tokens they charge every vendor or manufacturers which have an access in their site, so Alibaba simply serves as a storefront or a market place.

ALIEXPRESS: What about it?

AliExpress, unlike Alibaba which operates in B2B, Aliexpress operates its service in B2C (business to customers)

Aliexpress was launched in 2010 and since thence, it is regarded and noted as the world’s leading online marketplace.

Aliexpress is noted for wordwide delivery and ordering system, an avenue to deliver products at affordable prices from Chinese producers, manufacturers and distributors to customers/other business personnel worldwide.

How Does AliExpress Operates?

AliExpress, operating in B2C, delivers it products from manufacturers and wholesalers in China, and the noteworthy feature about AliExpress is that, goods sold in AliExpress are very affordable and cheaper than other online market platform such as Amazon, eBay and the likes.

Obtaining goods from AliExpress is often low cost, most times even free, but the constraints is that the time in delivery may take some while and tracking details of products is most times cumbersome.

AliExpress is a marketplace stocked with all varieties of products ranging from home items, fabrics and fashions, underwears, electronics, instruments and music etc.

Contrast between Alibaba and AliExpress

The significant difference between Alibaba and AliExpress is that AliExpress operates in B2C, that is it’s mainly focused on customers, also there’s limitation in quantities of products available to customers, while Alibaba operates in B2B, meaning that it mainly focueses on manufacturers, also it sells in large and wholesale quanities

Is Dropshipping Possible on AliExpress?

AliExpress is super suitable for dropshipping! In fact, they have a tool/software known as Alidropship – a dropshipping service tool which automates dropshipping services for your website/store.

Products on AliExpress are extremely cheap and affordable, therefore dropshipping on AliExpress is highly profitable. To dropship on AliExpress, if you’re using Shopify as your store builder, there’s an handy tool which is very suitable for dropshipping: OBERLO


Hi guys! We hope this post helps you! Alibaba or Aliexpress, the choice lies in your hands!

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