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HEY! Are you still confused about which supplier to trust? Still finding it difficult to source a trusted Wholesale supplier for your dropshipping store? Alright, we’ve helped you lessen this burden as we’ve sourced out these trusted Chineese Wholesale suppliers for you!

wholesale supplier wholesale suppliers

As we all know that running a successful brand, store, business, or system is very tasking, getting to the top and being the best is quite challenging as it requires much effort, time, and commitment.

As a matter of fact, no dropshipper would want to fall victim to being duped or scammed, so we all tend to be careful as we make sure that we get full/detailed information on whatever business or idea we planned to tryout.

Below is a list of trusted Chinese wholesale suppliers you can start out with as a dropshipper. They have quality products and quality services that you’ll enjoy!


When talking about top-rated wholesales suppliers in China, Aliexpress is a notable brand which cannot be left out, and it is surely a fragment of the AliBaba Group based in Hangzhou. Aliexpress is an online selling point for customers, and they sell at a very low price rate with which you can purchase items in wholesale quantity and decide to resell them in other online platforms.


Another big wholesale supplier company in china is 1688. Just as Aliexpress is a fragment of the AliBaba Group, so also is the 1688. 1688.com is the absolute place to source wholesalers, suppliers, direct manufacturers, companies and china dealers. But this website has one shortcoming, this is language, the website operates its language in Chinese language only, but you can make use of google online translator or you get someone to help you out


Another great wholesale supplier in china for you to give a trial is the Taobao Company in China. We sometimes call this company as a baby of the Alibaba Group and they have suited in place their working areas in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.

The website has a shortcoming of communication because it is written in the Chinese language and this makes it difficult for those who don’t understand Chinese to navigate through the site. But as a matter of fact, their pricing system is very affordable. An absolute Chinese Wholesale Supplier for you.


DHgate is absolutely one of the wholesale suppliers whose uniqueness cannot be underestimated. It’s most amazing story is how they evolved from small during the mid-20s and how they later emerged as one of the largest and most trusted dropshipping and wholesale supplier company in China, having all the features and services every dropshipper would be expecting.


Tomtop is an idea of Alibaba. It is  a China wholesale supplier store which is filled with great products for sale. It is a great site to explore as there are no communication’s limitations unlike some which are mentioned above. Tomtop is very reliable and a great platform for dropshippers to tryout.


This site has a motto that has really worked in their favour – “Best Gear Best Life.” It is one of the websites making space in the heart of its customers in a short time. The credit for this goes to its security systems and exclusive categories of products, like electronics, gadgets, and men’s fashion.


Do not get confused as Wish is a mobile-based application and is not a website. With their headquarters in the land of the United States, it can be identified that it is not a Chinese company. Now, one more thing, it is the B2C website, and you won’t be able to find wholesalers here too. The site has made itself a brand because of its glorifying services that combine shipping for the customers, low pricing, and a vast number of products.


Alright dropshippers, we hope you can see from the list above and you can surely decide which Chinese wholesaler you want for your store, all of the above are suitable for dropshipping and you can therefore utilize them to boost your sales.

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