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Dropshipping Marketing Strategies | Complete Guide

One of the very technique you must implement to gain awesome publicity and massive engagements with customers on your dropshipping store is by using dropshipping marketing strategies.


Dropshipping Marketing Strategies 1: Learn how to sell Aliexpress products on Facebook

Using Ads: Spy and learn the tricks your competitors use on their ads

If you want to checkmate if a product has tendency of high conversion, the best way to know is to spy or sniff the ads of your competitors and see how many engagements it has with customers, after which you can run your own ads using the information you’ve gathered. There are diverse tools which are capable of carrying out this tasks.

Dealing with Facebook, Your aim should be “Product conversion”, so when running fb ads, this should be your budget.

If you place your budget on the above factor, this would enhance faster conversion and engagements with customers covering several demography and regions.

Understanding your audience

Some users on Facebook engage in products published on posts, comments, some click on ads and purchase products from facebook, others don’t do any of these.

Following these factors of people who don’t purchase or engage on any of the advertised product, when running your ads, you need to be careful as not to Get Penalized by Audience Overlap.

Here’s a tip: Focus on the relevant info in Your Facebook ads Analytics 

Honestly, the facebook analytics poses lots of data and info, the costly truth is that many of these data are not helpful to dropshippers.

In the process of you running your ads and plan of checking the conversion and the performance of the ads, base your check on these metrics:

  • Cost per purchase (CPP) (CPP)
  • Cost per click link (CPM) (CPM)
  • Click through rate link (CTR) (CTR)
  • Cost per miles (CPM) (CPM)

Dropshipping Marketing Strategies 2: Using Facebook ads for dropshipping

Follow the steps below to setup Facebook ads for your dropshipping store:

Create a Facebook Pixel

Among the steps involved in creating Facebook ads, creating/setting up the Facebook Pixel is the most paramount and technical step of them all. The Facebook Pixel is necessary to be created from the business.facebook.com ( Facebook Advertising Manager) and automatically an ID is created from there. The Pixel ID is used by your store service provider, if for instance, you created your store using Shopify, the ID would be access via Shopify in the Admin section.

Setup Your Ads

Now it’s time to spawn your store to the world, the next step is to setup your ads. Create a new ad account. You should plan on achieving at least a token of 350k from your first ad with respect to your product which you intend to advertise on your store.

Droshipping Marketing strategies 3: Marketing without using Facebook Ads

Do you know you can still get your products to your dream customers without using Facebook ads, instead by implementing Instagram Influencers.

Using Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers will drive your advertising to an extraordinary demographic that can, in essence, improve your engagement rates even more than Facebook advertising.

But I would recommend that you go after micro-influencers if you are a new dropshipper since they charge less and have a more focused audience than a significant influencer.

Instagram Page Shootouts

This is somewhat different now than running advertisements for influencers from Instagram.

If your product is fresh, something amusing, unique, etc., meme pages will be a perfect choice for running advertisements.

And don’t, meme pages can be lucrative as fuck because for two days now, you can join every meme pay will see a dropshipping ad for 100 percent.

Google Ads for Dropshipping

Google Adwords is an ideal alternative to advertising on Facebook.

The principal distinction between Facebook advertising and Google ads is the purpose of the user.

People who check on Google for a particular product are more likely than a person scrolling through their Facebook feed & seeing your ad to purchase the product.

Bing Ads for Dropshipping recommends you run Bing advertising right now because you haven’t done it yet can’t tell you about the outcomes you get from Bing. It’s better to use Bing because Bing has less competition than Google, meaning you can stand out quickly, and the cost of ads would still usually be cheaper than Google.

Ads from Pinterest

Here, most people don’t know this, but Pinterest ads work very well for a particular category of products.

For instance, with Pinterest ads, a jewelry store will make a pretty good bet it’s the product picture that appeals to the client, and Pinterest is a beautiful image-based site.

YouTube Ads

I’ve seen an ad on YouTube as we are at Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th, which takes me to a dropshipping shop connected Valentine’s Day present.

BONUS Instagram Page Flipping

This is not for all, but it will create profit by purchasing Instagram accounts and running the dropshipping advertisements on them for a week, and reselling them.

But if you do, you can be diverted from the dropshipping shop; it’s a win-win scenario if you can handle it.




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