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You want to learn how to startup dropshipping without cash? I mean your own very dropshipping store? You are in the right Place!

We’ve all heard about dropshipping here and there. If No, Click to read all about dropshipping.

Majority of us are really motivated by the success of most successful dropshippers. How they earn so big and massive, in the same vein, we feel sad about our inability to have our own personal store. Some of the major drawbacks we get faced with are as follows:

  • Lack of technical know-how
  • Misinformation
  • The philosophy that you cannot own a dropshipping store without a huge capital

It is quite obvious all around the internet as we see diverse content on dropshipping. Lots of YouTubers keep posting about their courses on dropshipping, and thus making them in somewhat way to pass the idea to people out there that they cannot succeed without them having their course, others might say that you cannot start a dropshipping store without you having enough cash!

All of these Myths, we are here to BUST!

  • Who tells you that you cannot startup your dropshipping without cash? A LIE!

  • Who says that without a dropshipping course, there are no free and good resources you can use to learn more about dropshipping? A LIE!

  • Or who says dropshipping is not easy? A LIE!

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative and easy ways to quickly make money for ends meet. Check more on dropshipping here.

Now back to the topic:


Startup Dropshipping without cash image

As we dive in fully into the subject matter, you would finally see how truly you can startup dropshipping without cash, be sure that you have the basic knowledge of what dropshipping is, if no, you can quickly read: All about dropshipping.


Basically we understand dropshipping as an eCommerce system of selling goods, so if we should take for example a storefront in a market as an example, how it is being set up to sell goods and services, this same illustration is of no difference with dropshipping. To own a storefront in a market there are basically certain requirements that are met:

  • A specific place to cite the storefront
  • A minimum list of goods or services you sell or render perhaps a supplier
  • Find Trending and Winning Products!
  • Your preferred modes of payments for every sale you make
  • Your dedicated time and efforts
  • Market and Advertise
  • Nothing Else!

We shall be treating each of the above points one after the other as the requirement needed for startup dropshipping without cash.


To startup dropshipping without cash, you would need a specific place to open your dropshipping store, literally, this means you would need a host or a provider to give you a platform whereby you can display what you sell and directly people can access your store and your products from anywhere.

There are tons of eCommerce platforms and service providers out there that allow you to startup dropshipping without cash, each with its own very features, but another thing you need to understand in business is that; nothing is free forever, so this means that at a particular point in time, you would need to pay in some fee in order to continue using the services by these eCommerce service providers.

Without beating too much around the bush, we’ve summarized the recommended supplier you can try to startup dropshipping without cash. You can check here for a full list.

SHOPIFY: Our Recommended choice for You!

startup dropshipping without cash

Shopify is one of the popular and most easy to use platform for owning a dropshipping store. Shopify comes with lots of features and packages which makes dropshipping easier and profitable. It allows you to try its service for 14days for free. Then after which you can start paying a minimum of $29 for the least plan. Learn about Shopify and Shopify plans here.

A great deal of advantage associated with Shopify is that you don’t need to think of hosting, all are included in one place on their plan, you can also decide to use your preferred hosting if you choose to. Another amazing benefit is that Shopify comes with different free packages and apps you can use to promote the experience and conversions of your store.

Another great advantage of Shopify is that it has free and beautiful themes perfect for Customer Experience. Not left out is customer support and huge communities to provide helps to issues.

One of the big downfalls of Shopify is its cost of paid apps and other features.

Check here for Shopify Apps. You can also view some FAQs on Shopify here


startup dropshipping without cash

This is another amazing eCommerce service provider similar to Shopify. The great big take with this provider is that it allows you to try their service for 30Days! Unlike Shopify which is for 14days. Both platforms are good if you want to startup dropshipping without cash, but the big take of Big Commerce is its fairness in the prices of apps and other features compared to Shopify, also its high level of security.

Some downfall of Big Commerce over Shopify is that it doesn’t have enough beautiful themes and apps compared to Shopify, It’s customer support too is not as flexible as that of Shopify. But Both are great for dropshipping.


Now here comes another important part. You said you’re selling products, then you need to have lists of products or an inventory where you can showcase what you sell, the lists of stocks available, and their prices. You need to have a company supplying you with products for sale.

Obviously, this is dropshipping and you don’t have the huge money to have an inventory of goods for sale or perhaps for you to own a warehouse. As a matter of fact, this post talks about how to startup dropshipping without cash, so what do we do?

You can have a supplier and get your products directly from them, display them on your store, and when a user orders, then you direct the order to the supplier after which you must have added your profit for the said product on your store.

Shopify has a very great and handy tool that can enable you import products from a merchant making dropshipping easier. This is why we Recommended Shopify as a great service to try in order to startup dropshipping without cash. With Shopify, there is a tool called Oberlo which is used to import products from AliExpress directly to your store! Wow! How easy and fun that is? Check more about Oberlo here

NOTE: For reliability check and full justification, it’s advisable to test your supplier before shipping using them to ship in products for yourself. Truly we are talking about how to startup dropshipping without cash, but in case you have little cash with you, it’s advisable you test some of your suppliers by trying to purchase and ship in these products to yourself before you finally proceed into dropshipping.

If you feel you don’t have any penny at all, You can check out this post on how to select a trusted supplier for Dropshipping


Truth be told, what you sell matters and it certainly determines how much you would sell, and how much you would make. Dropshipping requires you to be very smart in the choice of products you choose to sell also the product’s niche you tend to work with.

Truly you want to startup dropshipping without cash, but also you need to take cognizance of the goods you plan to sell, are they winning or trending products? Does the product solve any problem? Is it really worth selling? These questions and more in mind are basically what needs to be considered in choosing products or products’ niche for sale.

The right product promotes super-fast sales and engagements with customers, especially the ones which solve problems. You can check out this post on how to find the best winning products for sale or you can also check out: Trending Products to Sell in 2020


Do not forget, this is business and you do it in order to make a profit right? Of course, you cannot decide to startup dropshipping without cash and end up without cash? That’s quite funny. The point here is that after you’ve successfully found a supplier or an inventory, you would surely need to implement a good and popular mode of payment for your store. This would enhance the customer experience when making purchases in your store. There are tons of payment methods you can utilize in your dropshipping store, each with its unique features, but since you wanna startup dropshipping without cash or as a starter, PAYPAL is the most used payment method for most dropshippers or dropshipping.

You can check here for a list of Payment gateways you can implement for dropshipping.


Now that light has been shed on your path on how you can startup dropshipping without cash and you’ve decided to follow up with the above guidelines. The very next thing you need to invest in nothing but your time and effort. It is often said that ROME IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

Most successful dropshippers out there didn’t just become successful overnight, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You cannot choose to startup dropshipping without money and progress without your dedicated time and efforts. You need to invest much of your time and effort, taking the business as what you love to do and dipping in into it your passion and best.


Just like in the real world mode of business, you need to invest time in marketing and advertising your products. You need to let people know what you’re selling, publicizing your products into every platform as much as possible.  Basically, Marketing is seen as the soul of every profitable buying and selling business, of course, you cannot consume your products all by yourself and most importantly you decided to startup business because you want to make a profit.

Although, this post is all about how to startup dropshipping without cash, but it’s impossible to get best results or good figures and conversions if marketing is not involved. There are several ways you can advertise or market your product over the internet.

For detailed info check this post on All About Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt, social media is a powerful tool one can utilize to advertise one’s products or services. The majority of dropshipping business which is booming out there are simply powered by the power of social media marketing. A quick overview is Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, youtube advertising, Pay per Click Advertising and so on.

Although these services are not free and do not tally with the topic of how to startup dropshipping without cash, however, in due time when you’ve been able to gain an amounted cash, it’s good advice to try one of these social media advertising systems as they would help you reach more audience or customers for your products if you’re really interested in making huge profits.


After I’ve successfully startup dropshipping without cash, what’s next? There are basically some factors one needs to note of, in the sense that though one tends to startup dropshipping without cash, for example, if you’ve decided to try Shopify for 14Days and were able to successfully make some good profits within that period, then there are some factors you would take note of which may require some cash from you also to promote greater conversions and profits:

  • You may need a unique logo for your store
  • You may need to purchase a more attractive and easy to use Theme
  • You may need to pay for Email Marketing inorder to followup with customers
  • You may need to pay for Hosting or Domain name

Take Note: All the above cannot be achieved if you’re trying to startup dropshipping without cash, the point here is that you can earn more after you may have successfully had good sales when you started your dropshipping without cash perhaps through some of the basic strategies given earlier or most especially when you’re selling the very trending or winning products.

As we’ve said before, that nothing can remain free for long, the point is that you need to be considerate of how to maintain a continuous relationship with your customers especially follow-ups for those who show interest in a stock or made an order. This is very important.

Also, your choice of themes and your unique logo has a vital role to play on the standard your business or store portrays. Truly, there are tons of free themes, you can check out These Free Shopify Themes That you can make use of, but to get the best and full support, you may need to purchase a Shopify theme or whatever platform you plan to make use of.

Not left out is Hosting, for example Shopify may offer you with free hosting and free domain name if you’re trying it for the first time (14Days) just like this:, you may still decide to purchase your own preferred domain name.


With all the above guidelines, you can definitely startup dropshipping without cash! You don’t need to believe in those myths or fallacies about dropshipping, as long as you’re ready to invest in your time and efforts. Dropshipping is quite easy, profiting, and lucrative.

Recommending Shopify, you can quickly startup your dropshipping with Shopify. You can check this post on the Easy steps to setup your shopify store.


Stop believing those lies! You can Startup dropshipping without Cash, Yes it’s possible!. Dropshipping is not dead and it is easy and profitable.

A bonus tip for you, Although you plan to startup dropshipping without cash, I want to tell you that for every standard business, business plans and blueprints are more like the foundations in which these businesses are built upon. Following a good business plan or blueprint is more or less like you building the future of your business on a solid rock that cannot be shaken even when the storms should come.

Plan your business well following certain fundamentals that would guide you, utilize research analysis and core standards to guide. Even if you decide to startup dropshipping without cash, be sure to make your plans very exclusive and solid.

Check out this post on How to Build and Grow a Profitable Online Store with this Business Blueprint


However, if you feel you need help setting up a professional dropshipping store for your income at a very affordable price which would surely yield you that six figures you’ve been yearning for, then you can contact us and we are ready to give you exactly what you need. Truly you may have planned to startup dropshipping without cash or perhaps your dream eCommerce business store! We can always be of assistance.






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