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EcomHunt | All you need to know (Best EcomHunt Review 2020)

A lot of us have been hearing about EcomHunt, we possibly might have even seen or watched lots of Ecommerce Entrepreneur and Youtube gurus who had created content posts and videos about Ecomhunt review.

Well, some of us might have gotten some details about this dropshipping / eCommerce tool, while some of us are still looking out for answers, we are still trying to get the best content/review that would drive or motivate us.

Alright, I tell you that this is the best ecomhunt review 2020 you’ve ever come across!

Wait!… In a haste? Here is a quick summary of the EcomHunt Review

Ecomhunt based on our technical research and findings, it the best dropshipping / eCommerce tool especially for beginners in the dropshipping industry who really don’t know how to find the right, most trending, and winning products for their store. It is also a great tool for those who are beginners in Facebook advertising and marketing, especially when you’re trying to target a Facebook audience for a particular product you sell on your store.

  • EcomHunt is a powerful tool for finding newest and most winning products for sale.
  • EcomHunt is a great dropshipping tool
  • EcomHunt App also has some free features which make it trustworthy to try and implement for your store.
  • It can be used with Shopify
  • It can be used with WordPress

You can signup here and join for free to access the wining products and add them all to your store.

Best EcomHunt Review 2020

ecomhunt review ecomhunt review

Are you ready to get the all the answers about EcomHunt which you’ve been waiting for?

Are you ready to finally unleash the most trending-newest, winning and converting products for your store? Okay, then read carefully this post till the end.

Ecomhunt is a very fascinating Application/eCommerce tool that aims at providing the newest-trending winning products for you to sell, it also gives you additional information on how to sell these products.

Although this post is a review, but honestly, we’ll give our best on all the possible information you can get and need to know about this tool.

1. How does EcomHunt Suggest and Display the latest and winning product?

The main (and only focus) of Ecomhunt is providing you with winning products, but they won’t just post an image and a link to a product.

No, way more!

They give you a lot of information, so you know how to sell the product.

Just please keep this in mind:
A lot of people are probably subscribed to Ecomhunt. What do you think happens when everybody sells the same products with the same description, ads, targeting, and so on?

Well, I don’t think you will have much luck… Please use these kinds of product research tools as inspiration and don’t just copy everything they provide!

I picked a pet bed as an example to show you what information they provide in Ecomhunt.

I’ll show you a screenshot of each part of the product page, and then I will tell you what kind of information they give and what I think about it.

Here is the product, and you will see under the screenshot the first things that they will give (you can find these things in the screenshot):

Ecomhunt Review: Winning product example
  • Jack Kaching. You will get a 1 on 1 expert consultant. More on that below; in the extra things in Ecomhunt section!
  • Product description. They will give you an example of the product description that you can use. The product description example is longer, but otherwise, the image would be a bit too big!
  • Sell with Oberlo button. Some product research tools have their own system to import the products. One example of that is Dropship Spy. I personally don’t see the use of that because you will still need an app (like Oberlo) to process your dropshipping orders.

    If a product research tool will come with an app like Dropship Spy, but with order processing abilities, then that will be much better, but yeah, Ecomhunt didn’t try to go after Dropship Spy with this and just acknowledged that Oberlo is one of the most popular order processing apps for dropshippers.

  • Product images. They show you a few of the product images so you can see if you like the product or not.
  • Profits and costs. They will show you a recommended selling price. Plus, they will show you what the product cost will be and what your profit margin will be if you sell the product with their recommended selling price.
  • Saturation Inspector. I think this one is quite cool. It shows you how many stores are currently selling the product, although I’m not entirely sure how they get this information, or if it’s just an estimate.
  • Profits. Almost the same as the one above, but they will also show you an estimate of the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
  • Analytics. This will give you a short summary of the stats of the AliExpress seller that they recommended. They also got a button there to show the reviews, but that will only make you scroll down (where they show the AliExpress reviews). So more on that below!
  • Engagement. These are the engagement stats of the Facebook Ad that they give you as an example. This way, you can easily see if the engagement is good or not; without going to Facebook first to see the Ad yourself. Keep in mind that these stats are probably not updated after the product is placed. So maybe the Ad performed even better.
  • Links. Well, I guess this one speaks for itself. But if not, you can find all the links here. Like the link to the AliExpress seller or the link to the Facebook Ad!

    I think it’s nice that they organized it like this because it’s easier to find now; instead of, for example, scrolling down to find the link to the Facebook Ad.

  • Here they show a screenshot of the Facebook Ad with the comments. This way, you don’t have to go to Facebook yourself. But I guess you will still go to the Facebook Ad yourself to see the recent comments and recent engagement statistics (like how many likes).
  • And they show you who they will target on Facebook. Here you can see who they would target on Facebook. Here is the zoomed-in version in case you’re curious:
Ecomhunt Review: Facebook Ad targeting example
  • They also show you a YouTube video there. This makes it even easier to get inspiration for your video ad(s). You don’t have to go to YouTube yourself to find other stores selling the same product.
  • If you scroll down even more, then you will find their Facebook targeting suggestion. This is basically the same as above, but it’s a bit easier to see who to target, what age range, country, and so on. Most of the time, they will only give you one row of Facebook interests.
  • Instagram Influencers examples. If you’re using Instagram Influencers for your marketing, then this one is great for inspiration! They will show you a lot of Instagram Influencers that are in the same niche as the product. You can press a lot of times on the arrows to find even more influencers!
  • Next up are eBay Sales Statistics. This will show you what the product is currently doing on eBay. Like what the average product price is, how many listings, and how many products are sold in total! Not all of their products will have these statistics though.
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