How much does Facebook Ads cost?

How much does Facebook ads costs, that’s really a good question to know and splendid step to act on. Lot’s of us in somewhat way actually do not know the power of Facebook ads as we sometimes do not give it much consideration as we give them to Google.

Similarly, we are trying to be sensitive of the costs and prices a successful Facebook ad may cost as we are definitely trying to avoid spending and loosing on what we may not have complete info about.

Talking about the budget of Facebook ads, some small companies may want to compare the cost of ads with that of Google and may want to leverage on a low budget plan such as thinking that spending about $500 or a little bit more is enough and in no means the best answer for cost to run a Facebook ad.

Just as Google, in a more technical way to run a professional working ad, Facebook may have to get you on your knees that about $2,600 a month or even more is the necessary cost for your successful ad placement.

Without doubt, I can logically view how you and I will feel, especially that step of investing so much amount on the ads with lots of question revolving our hearts/minds: How sure are the profits? Does this steps worth it? The time in conjunction with the money.

No dispute, there are lots of folks and rich gang out there who actually spend massively on ads, example some spends about $100,000 per day on Facebook ads, that’s gross right? exactly it is! But of course, we are not like them, oops! spending a whole lot’a $500 on Facebook ads as a starter who just embarked on dropshipping  is literally a tasking approach.

Example of  Facebook Ads for dropshipping


MeUndies are specialized in Underwears and other inner wears for fashion, they are well known for their massive facebook ads and they make a huge amount of dollars as returns.

Dollar Shave Club

Simple is better also. For its productive copying, the Dollar Shave Club makes our list. They clearly illustrate that their merchandise is perfect, no matter who uses it, by making a joke on other products that aim to produce a gender-specific product.

Freelance Copywriter Mike

You can see immediately that this ad is engaging… the picture is insane and draws your eyes to it instantly. And you’re faced with an excellent bid below, all for “FREE!”


By describing their bid in plain visual terms, Amaysim does all right here. You don’t even have to read the rest of the ad copy because just from the illustration alone, you can still appreciate their deal.


Flipkart is a website for eCommerce that focuses on accessories for women.

The Groupon

For their significant discounts, everybody knows Groupon, and that’s just what they offer their customers-deep offers.

Their use of words is everything, even though they don’t have the best grammar. When it comes to Facebook ads, photos are what matters, so offering a discount doesn’t hurt.

Pay on Performance

Google is the king of ads, and from their service, they know just what their customers want. To be #1 in the quest charts, in particular. Pay on Success capitalizes on this, or you do not pay at all by pledging to deliver results.

Dropshipping Tools for Facebook Ads

Social Ad Scout

This tool can be regarded as a watchdog for all the ads you run on Facebook as they help you monitor them and give you analytics on the ones which works or not.

Ad scout is more likely a great tool which scouts and spy on your ads about the ones which works spawning through almost 30 countries.

Social Ad Scout is easy to use. All you have to do is enter a text or URL in the search box, and Facebook ads linked to your search would scour the internet. It would help if you went on with the review after clicking the ad, and then save the content for later use.


Swiped is another great ad spying tool for you as a dropshipper, It is very easy to operate, the steps are just for you to input a text, and then you select whether you want to examine the type of ad or any other action you wish to implement.

Other tools are as follows:

  • PowerAdSpy
  • Adsova
  • AdEspresso
  • AdSpyHub

Facebook Ads Strategy for Dropshipping

Facebook ads has become the perfect tool to drive traffic for your business because without doubt Facebook is growing day by day.

Another mouthwatering opportunity is that Pay per click is another great feature of the Facebook ads, with this feature, you can setup an ad today and get conversion and money to your bank tomorrow.

But here is the big hint: Careful analysis is necessary concerning the audience, demographic and countries you want to target so as to get the best out of the advertising.

Another honest truth, making sales is not literally easy, time, patience and efforts are needed, sometimes if your products are somehow complex to describe, you may need extra advertising strategies like, short video clips, testimonials from users, photos and detail product descriptions to make your customers convinced enough to change their mind.

Other approaches may involve landing pages for leads etc for  successful Facebook ads.

Setting Initial Facebook Ads Strategy Goals

Your purpose can change based on the complexity and expense of the goods or services, much as William shared above. If you sell a product, such as clothes or simple home decor, sales will be your ad target.

But suppose you market anything pricey (more than ~$150) or something that consumers are not familiar with (like an L’Oréal UV Sense, a tiny device worn on your fingernail that detects UV radiation). In that case, you will need to run an advertising campaign to increase awareness and confidence with your audience for your brand/product.

While this is a promotional ad, it is intended to generate visibility and interest. Even their copy of the commercial is supposed to be enticing: “For the man who will not be told what to do.”

You have to decide for yourself what the aim of your plan for Facebook Advertising would be: revenue, leads, or awareness? Only you know this is something, and only you know your goods.

Testing your dropshipping products on Facebook using Facebook Ads.

You don’t have to be in a hurry, Slow and steady wins the race, a quality test of your product when running an initial ad is quite necessary to know your stand and where to head your strength.

When starting out to test your Facebook ads on your product, you can decide to start with 15 items a week with respect to your budget and time, or you may decide to work with just a complex product and then test it out to see the feedback it generates.

Choose Campaign Objective

You can set your campaign objectives, this simply means how you want your the engagements with your ads to be. Do you want it be viewable? or leads or traffic.

Optimization type

While Facebook and other sources suggest that you start from the optimization of Display Content and step steadily towards buy optimization, usually 50 times (or more?) after each event is shot, but we suggest starting directly from the optimizations for Purchase or Connect to Cart.

Decide your Daily Budget

We proposed using low daily budgets at Ecomhunt to test the goods and starting at $5 and up to 20 totals. We typically start from $5 to 10 somewhere, and the outcomes we get are excellent. This also helps us by releasing lower regular budget adsets to test more viewers.

Specify Numer of Ad sets to Run

Somewhere from 3 and 5 ad sets are our magic number here and that’s usually enough to recognize whether there’s any promise. It’s around $50(max) per product on the first day of testing, now that you know the regular budgets we use.

Future returns and when to stop your ads

In a campaign that we have just launched, connect clicks are the first thing we’re looking for. We want to see cheap link clicks on each ad we undertake, and the highest cost we can pay for a link click is $1. We’re cool with $2 per connection click occasionally, but we need to see some acts like Connect to Carts or Trigger Checkouts at least.


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Facebook ads involves a whole lotta technical approaches to get the best out of it.


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