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Top 5 Shopify Apps for better sales

Hey Guys! Today we’re going to be exploring some awesome and amazing list of Shopify Apps but free and paid which help your sales go boom!

As usual, Shopify is well known for its amazing apps in the Shopify App store! These help get things done with ease as they help optimize the use of your store, engaging more customers, and increasing conversions in sales.


Product Videos — This app helps you create stunning slideshows for your products thereby increasing the interest rates and engagements of your customer, calling more attention and traffics

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Want to increase your conversion rate with videos describing your products’ features and benefits? But your Theme does not support videos for the products? No problem, just install this app and you’ll be able to assign YouTube or Vimeo video to any Product Picture!

  • Promote the possibilities your product offers
  • Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo with just some clicks
  • Increase conversion
  • No codes or programming!
  • Use popup or built-in layouts and flexible video settings

Pricing: 5$ \ per month; 7 days FREE TRIAL
Get EasyVideo App

2). MOBILE APP BUILDER (Shopify apps for dropshipping)

Mobile App Builder — This helps you to build the mobile version store in seconds, without coding, just a few click away.

A mobile app allows you to quickly assess your stores, significantly increase conversion and customer engagement, build a loyal customer base, reducing customer retention, and, as a result, boost your sales considerably.

  • Use push notifications to Increase your sales
  • Expand your target audience
  • Notify your users about promotions and updates instantly
  • Reduce the cost of customer retention
  • Stay in touch with subscribers 24/7;

Pricing: 20$ \ per month; 30 days FREE TRIAL
Get EasyMobile App

3). PRODUCT TABS SHOPIFY APP (shopify apps for dropshipping)

Product Tabs  This creates tabs for each product which enables descriptions for each product too

Increase sales by streamlining descriptions, parameters, and product delivery information on several professional-looking tabs.

  • Add tabs to product pages in just a few clicks
  • Increase customer loyalty by adding product reviews
  • Apply individual tabs to all products at once, specific collections
  • Optimize product pages for all kinds of devices

Pricing: 5$ \ per month; 7 days FREE TRIAL
Get EasyTabs App

4). QUICK ORDER FORM (Shopify apps for dropshipping)

Quick Order Form  simplify the ordering process by collecting only the necessary information

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In case you don’t use online payments you’re using Cash on Delivery, or some kind of offline payments, or just need to contact your customers before they will make the payment, you probably noticed standard Shopify checkout process is too complicated for your customers.

A lot of information is entered in many steps, that you don’t really need because of your business model, you just need some custom details instead, but you can not add additional fields to Checkout process with standard Checkout.

EasyOrder app solves all those problems. It replaces checkout with single quick order popup with a form customer need to fill. The form is fully customizable with drag’n’drop layout editor, so you may add any field you want, mark it as Required, add related fields and customize the layout.

  • Rearrange quick order forms in just a couple of clicks
  • Increase the number of orders
  • Simplify the ordering procedure to one click
  • Customize form fields according to the customer data you need

Pricing: 10$ \ per month; 7 days FREE TRIAL
Get EasyOrder App

5). EASYBOX POPUP BUILDER (Shopify Apps for you Shopify store)

EasyBox – Popup Builder  Increase your sales and conversion and attract more subscribers using professional-looking popups

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EasyBox is a powerful tool that can help you increase your sales, get more subscribers using professional-looking lightbox popups.

  • Configure pop-ups for any customer actions
  • Increase the number of customer touchpoints
  • Add popup windows with delivery details to your product pages
  • Build your customer base with a popup subscription integrated with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign or Aweber

Pricing: 7$ \ per month; 7 days FREE TRIAL
Get EasyPopup App


Alright, guys, those Shopify apps for dropshipping would transform your Shopify store and get you that dream profit you’ve craved for. As we all know that dropshipping is not dead, and Shopify has been the leading platform for creating profitable Shopify stores for dropshipping.







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