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Most profitable dropshipping niches for dropshippers | 6 Hot Niches

Choosing the right dropshipping niches may be a difficult task for most dropshippers especially for those who are just starting out. Today we’re going to be looking out on some of the most profitable dropshipping niches for dropshippers which can help you have great sales and conversions.

Dropshipping as lucrative as it is can sometimes be difficult, this is for those who lack the right information about it. For you to be successful in dropshipping, you really need to implement the right approaches regarding dropshipping.

dropshipping niches best niches profitable niches PPE

Most Dropshippers don’t have sales up to a week or more, because they failed to choose the right and profitable niches of products to sell. What are niches? Niches refer to the target category of things one would like to focus on, for example, we have niches like:

  1. Personal care Niche Product.
  2. Baby care niche.
  3. Kids clothes.
  4. Garden and Lawn Care.
  5. Home security niche product.
  6. Pet niche products.
  7. Antistress toys.
  8. Home Gaming products.

In dropshipping, Niches are one of the core factors that need to be taken seriously as they have a great impact on the sales and engagement of your stores.

In this article, we’ve selected some of the most profitable dropshipping niches for dropshipping 2020, the products in these best niches are the top hot and in-demand products you need to try out.

As part of our goal at dropshippingguy, we’ve decided on giving out our best and every best and relevant tips and knowledge on dropshipping. These best dropshipping niches or best niches are being selected based on top trends.

Another thing to know is that when dealing with dropshipping, one should always have it in mind that there are lots of people doing what you’re doing, so there’s gat to be competitions, but one would always stand out only if you maintain uniqueness and integrity!

So these niches we are sharing with you are unique and best niches, profitable niches for you to try out.

1). HEALTH AND FITNESS NICHES (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

Health as they say is wealth! If you’re a dropshipper, Health and fitness Niches are great niches for you to try out. It is evident as lots of individuals always want to get fit, healthy, and good looking. There are lots of product opportunities in Health and Fitness Niches, that you can always try out.

List of some HOT PRODUCTS under the Health and Fitness Niches


dropshipping niches PPE

Following the trends on google, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is high in demand, the need and reason for its increase in demand are very evident as regards the pandemic. Following updates of the COVID-19 strategies to reduce its spread, Personal Protective Equipment is one of the suggested resources to be implemented.

Also in Construction Companies, PPE are very important and needed to reduce health hazards and implications. Some of these PPE includes: Gloves, Goggles, face Masks, helmets, and so on.

You can check out Alibaba or Aliexpress for top available PPE (personal protective Equipment to try)


dropshipping niches profitable niches best niches health and fitness niches

Another hot product in the Health and Fitness dropshipping niches that you should try out is the beauty and cosmetics. These niches are truly a big driver of traffic and sales. Ladies are very common to the use of beauty and cosmetic products, it’s always high in demands, all through from beauty creams, facial scrubs, facial gels, manicure and pedicure products, eyelashes, and so on, you can name them!


dropshipping niches profitable niches best niches fitness and wellness

Fitness and wellness are necessary ingredients for a good personal lifestyle. Home fitness and wellness equipment are of great demand under the Health and fitness dropshipping niches. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, many folks out there participate in doing home workouts and exercises, so these home fitness and wellness products are very great solutions to better conversion.

2).BODY DECORATIONS AND ACCESSORIES (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

dropshipping niches

Another great and profitable dropshipping niches product you need to try out is body decorations and accessories products. These products have an approximately 417,000 per month Google search volume with the keyword “Jewelry” and over 375,000,000 Facebook audience, with analytics of Women – 66% Men – 34% in interest, Peaks of popularity: This niche is especially popular in December.

3). WOMEN CLOTHINGS (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

Women clothing are one of the best niches that increases sales. In fact a very good audience to always target as a matter of fact are ladies or women, they are great source of income.

Here are a list of products under the Women’s Clothings niches to try out

  1. Women’s Leggings
    dropshipping niches profitable dropshippin niches best niches
  2. Women’s underwears
  3. Swimwears
  4. Sleep Wears
  5. Shape wears
    best niches dropshipping niches profitable niches

4). MEN’S CLOTHING AND FASHION WEARS (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

Men are not out of the game of fashion too! List of products under this niches are also good ideas to try out which would give you more sales.

    Google search volume:
    450,000 per month
    Facebook audience:
    Gender interest:
    Women – 65%
    Men – 35%
    Google search volume:
    107,435 per month
    Facebook audience:
    Gender interest:
    Women – 10%
    Men – 90%
    Related keywords:
    mens clothing online
    men clothing websites
    mens urban clothing online
    mens stylish clothing
    male clothing stores

5). MOBILE PHONE AND ACCESSORIES (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

profitable dropshipping niches

Another top profitable dropshipping niches to try out is the mobile phone and its accessories. Alsmost 90% of youths nowadays makes use of smartphones or basic phones. You can make great sales from this niches.

Products to try


Talking about mobile phones, it is definitely of the profitable dropshipping niches which cannot be left behind, phone accessories have lots of products underneath as sub products.  Some of these are:

  1. Phone Casing
  2. Phone Batteries and other replacements
  3. Solar Power Banks
  4. Phone Chargers and so on

6). HOME DECORATIVES / ACCESSORIES (Profitable Niches, Best Niches, Profitable Dropshipping Niches)

When talking about proftible dropshipping niches, we do not just select anyhow products or niches and consider them as best niches, instead, we do lots of analytics and research and make sure these niches meetup with standards as well as that they are solving problems.

It is very obvious that problem solving is one the active and necessary factors which determines the relevancy of any entitity.

Alright back to where we are, Home Decoratives is another very important, very profitable dropshipping niches you have to try out. In fact one of the best niches that cannot be left out.

As we all know, everyone loves to beautify their home, not homes alone, also parties and outdoor events, all these things needs good decoratives, so you as a dropshipper, you can source out very beautiful, elegant and unique home decoratives for your dropshipping store and more specifically as a dropshipping niche you want to base on or try out.

Following trends from Alidropship, google trends and other notable resources here are a list of Home Decoratives you can try out as profitable niches

Alright great dropshippers out there! Obviously selecting proftibale dropshipping niches may be tasking as it requires careful study and follow-ups with trends. And here we at dropshipingguy, we’ve taken the heavy load, we’ve selected out the most tredning, most profitable dropshipping niches for you to try out!


Also in case you don’t know, guys, there are service providers who specializes in the sourcing out product niches, we’ve written out quite some posts on them, I’ll list them out and link them out, so you can read about them and perhaps try them out too:

  1. EcomHunt
  2. FunnelGenie

However if you’re in need of a great dropshipping store, we’re available, we specialize in the creation of shopify dropshipping stores and commercehq dropshipping stores too!

For your profitable Shopify Store:


For your Profitable CommerceHQ Store


Try out the above profitable dropshipping niches and smile to the bank!

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