Hey Fellas! In this article, we shall unveil the TOP Products to Sell During COVID-19!

The outcome of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has somehow restructured the mindset of most businessmen and women. The effect of the lockdown everywhere has caused fear and anxiety in the business scheme of most entrepreneurs, drosphippers and eCommerce store owners who are specifically afraid (and confused at the same time) about “what kind of products” can they take the risk of investing on to make profits and sales.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has really been a game-changer in the marketing and eCommerce industry, in the sense that, many products that gained top ground in the eCommerce industry are now declining, and the ones behind are rising up to the scale!

Now here comes the point, are you an entrepreneur or business personnel, specifically are you an online trader? (dropshipper, marketer, or whichever?). Do you still love to sell and make profits during this pandemic period but you are confused about what products to sell, not just any product but Top Products which would make good profits?

Alright, I must congratulate you for you are in the right place!

We’ve made some series of compilations based on analysis from different sources (e.g. Statista – consumable foods statistics, Oberlo – COVID-19 products ideas, Ali Dropship – products to sell right now) about the Top products to sell during this pandemic!

Before we dive in deeply, let’s talk briefly about how this virus has affected the lives of people and specifically the very angle why we picked these products as the top and best products to sell during this pandemic.

You can quickly jump to: TOP PRODUCTS to SELL!


As a result of the rate by which this virus spreads, leading to diverse confirmed cases and reported deaths, this virus being a global pandemic (affecting almost all the countries in the world) has caused the order of lockdown and quarantine, every citizen having no other choice than to stay home to avoid further spread of the virus.

This was a challenging decision for every country (and its economy specifically), because, every means of income (both for the citizens and its economy) is on hold. Transportation, mass trading and the likes are on pause! Everybody had to stay home.

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How do I make the Profit?

It’s very simple, everyone needs to stay home, but as they stay home, they would have no choice than to keep themselves busy with their phones and other gadgets, also they would have to survive, food right? So what do you think? The majority of their purchases would be done or made online! This means that citizens may be locked down, but their mouths mustn’t be locked down together, they had to feed to survive, most big company workers had to work from home in order to keep the business going.

Giant eCommerce industries like Alibaba, Amazon amidst others are also making support worldwide in order to beat the virus, working from home to make services available for their clients.


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Digging into the topic!

Below are the TOP PRODUCTS to sell during COVID-19


Following statistics on most consumed foods, flour has been the active consumable food topping the chart, canned meat, and others.

  1. Flour and Semolina
  2. Canned Meat
  3. Rice
  4. Canned Tomato products
  5. Dry pasta
  6. Potatoes
  7. Canned fish
  8. Frozen foods
  9. Frozen vegetables
  10. Citrus fruits
  1. Office Desks and Chairs – top sales in the market!


As the need aroused for people to work from home, office materials and equipments are certainly in higher demand.

  1. Disposable Gloves – Top sales in the market!

As we all know, based on directives from various health organizations, the major ways to stay safe and prevent the contractions of the coronavirus is to wash hands clean always. Disposable gloves are in great sales. Set up your store now! With CHQ Store Builder!


  1. Sports and fitness equipments for home – about 350% growth in sales

The virus has got everyone stuck at home! No more access to the gym around you like before! This had caused many people to order for sports equipments for home and indoor use. You can try adding these products and selling them.


  1. Dishwashing materials – about 300% growth in sales

Though people are prevented from moving out freely, but the dishes need to be cleaned and washed! Dishwashing materials are of great options to try.


  1. Power generators – about 210% growth in sales

Power generators are also great options to try out. In developing countries where electricity isn’t stable, they need generators to supply electric power for use.

  1. Health Monitors and care products – over 200% growth in sales

Being idle when staying indoor may sometimes cause some issues to the health. So health materials and equipments are great products to try

Dropshippingguy.com-health monitors

  1. Bathroom materials and accessories – over 250% growth in sales

People need to clean up and stay fresh even while staying home. Bathroom products are no exception to try out!


  1. Cooking accessories – about 200% growth in salesDropshippingguy.com-cooking-accessories

As people remain indoors and idle, they tend to eat and feed more. So all the cooking utensils especially those with short lifespan would need to be changed! Another good option to try out!

  1. Craft Kits and equipments – over 150% growth in sales

top 20 products to sell during covid-19 - craft-kits

Creative entrepreneurs will certainly grab this lockdown and pandemic period as a massive opportunity for them to sell those beautiful crafts kits and materials for those who need them! Many individuals enjoy making crafts when indoor to keep them busy.

  1. Pedicure and Manicure Materials – 150% growth in sales


When it comes to looking good, fresh, and sweet always, ladies are the top pioneer in that field. Nail care materials are in high demand, hence a great option to try out!

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