Track your Order on Aliexpress

Track your Order on Aliexpress

As a dropshipper, after when your customer has placed an order in your store, the next thing is that they await their product. In the same vein as a dropshipper, especially those who are new to dropshipping, needs to keep track of your package, so as to ensure fulfillment of orders with your customers.

As we all know that when using Shopify, most of our products are being sourced and imported using the Oberlo app. The Oberlo app which is very efficient in importing products to our Shopify store, also further enables us to have the privilege to input our own prices.

Now here’s the scenario, following the dropshipping model, we source and import our products from a trusted supplier or merchant, Aliexpress, which is often the most popular community with lots of wholesalers, merchants or sellers, is obviously the most used platform. So using Oberlo (for Shopify) or Aliexpress plugin (for WordPress) we import products to our store.

The most significant and concious part of dropshipping is tracking orders and fulfilling customers orders. Re-visiting the dropshipping model once more, we source products and import them to our store, now the dropshipper himself go over to the supplier which he trusts on the Aliexpress platform to order the goods himself at low prices.

In the process by which the drosphpper places the order to the merchant, you as the dropshipper have the right to do two things, it is either you (the dropshipper) send in the address of your customer (the one which he/she sent to your own personal store) directly to the merchant for delivery, OR you (the dropshipper) send in your address or a nearby postoffice of your client for pickup.

I suppose the above scenario of how the dropshipping system works is crystal clear to us.

How to track your order on Aliexpress a dropshipper

Tracking your orders on AliExpress is of different ways, yes lots of ways, apart from the very fact that on your AliExpress dashboard where you can track your package under the My Orders panel.

There are a list of third party sites or apps which are available and and prepared in accordance, for tracking your orders on AliExpress as a dropshipper; below is a list of them:

  1. AliExpress My Orders
  2. AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking
  3. Package Radar
  4. Parcel App
  5. Post Ninja

Before we roundoff, if you are a fresh dropshipper (especially those using Shopify) and you need some hands in fulfilling and tracking of your orders on AliExpress, then follow up with these guidelines:

Fulfilling your Orders on AliExpress via the Oberlo App

The very moment your customer place order on an AliExpress item on your store, the next step is for you to directly purchase the product from the supplier on AliExpress. So in this vein, you will forward all the details filled in by your customer to the supplier.

The Oberlo app on the other hands automatically add the shipping of your customer and details of the ordered product on the checkout page of AliExpress, but you would always need to place the order directly to your supplier so that the goods can get to your customer.

In order to fulfil any of your orders on AliExpress, the following requirments must be met with:

  • Ensure that you are on a desktop or laptop PC
  • Make sure you’re using the Google Chrome browsers (recommended), you can check it on google search to download it
  • On your Chrome browser, ensure that you’ve installed the Oberlo Chrome Extension
  • Very importantly, you must be signed into your AliExpress buyer’s account on AliExpress, you can always create one in case you don’t have
  • Make sure that your AliExpress cart is empty

Placing a single order

  1. On Oberlo dashboard, navigate to the Orders page, then scroll to the ordered package for fulfillment
  2. Click on the Order Product link (which is next to the product you want to fulfil)
  3. You will be redirected to AliExpress website to review and check the details of the order
  4. If all info is correct, fill in your payment details and then click on Confirm
  5. Check the order carefully and then click on Place Order

As soon as you’ve purchased the product from the supplier, the status of your order changes from To Order to In Processing withing the Oberlo dashboard

Your supplier is then expected to ship out your order within 2-7 working days.

Keep following this post so that you can understand how to mark the order as fulfilled after the supplier has shipped the package to the customer.

Note that you can place in multiple orders, but this is applicable using the boss plan of the Oberlo App

Marking Orders as Fulfilled

The next process is to mark orders as fulfilled or completed after your customers have received their products.

Fulfilling orders within the Oberlo App’s Dashboard

  1. From your Oberlo dashboard, go to the Orders page.
  2. Next to each order that you want to fulfill, click Get Tracking Code.

Fulfill orders within your AliExpress account

While in your AliExpress buyer’s account, navigate to My Orders and use one of the following methods:

  • Mark a single order as fulfilled – Click Send details next to the order you want to fulfill.
  • Mark all orders on the current page as fulfilled – Click Sync this page.
  • Mark all orders as fulfilled – Click Sync all orders.

Fulfill orders manually

You can manually fulfill any order containing AliExpress items that have been shipped out by the supplier by pasting the tracking code from the AliExpress order in your Oberlo order.


  1. In your AliExpress buyer’s account, head to your My Orders section.
  2. Find the order you want to mark as fulfilled and click Track Order.
  3. Copy the tracking number.
  4. Go to your Oberlo dashboard.
  5. Go to the Orders page and click Mark as Shipped next to the order you want to fulfill.
  6. Paste the tracking code in the text field and click Save.

Yes that’s it fellas, I hope thi s post is useful for you!

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